Attention friends of TIPS!

Hi supporters and friends of Tabernacle. Great things have been happening at TIPs since the beginning of the year and our plans for the rest of 2014 are even greater! Even though this website has slowed down updates, it doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. At the moment, we are preparing to move to more streamlined website. News about this will be coming soon. For now, head over to our facebook page to see some pictures from the new year!

Happy Belated New Year

Dear supporters,

Calvary greetings and happy belated new year. We apologise for late update since we begun the year. It has been such a good time in the site where we have two classrooms being constructed at the same time and our children are doing better accademicaly. We also do ask for your prayer support for an office building that we plan to have by the end of this year,  still we continue to ask for your prayer support for the medical bill, at the moment we do have a bill of 175 USD. Do expect our recently taken pictures soon from the project Director James Orwa.

New updates

Hello supporters! Things have been busy and I apologize immensely for how long it took for us to update this page. Don’t think its because God hasn’t been doing anything. Since we last updated the blog, construction for the new building has been running. We encountered some difficulties but were able to solve most of them. Thank God, yourselves, and the people of Mfangano for the progress. One of our biggest needs currently is health. Over the course of the last four months, we have treated many many children of diseases going around like malaria and flu. The bill for all of this work is about 350 US dollars. This is something we need to take care of soon so that we can continue supporting the medical needs of TIPS students. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we find support to raise this money by the end of September.

This website has been inactive for a very long time, but we have recently made some changes and it will be active from now on. Expect a new entry at least once a week from now on. God bless.

Widows’ Soap Making Project

One of the new projects we hope to implement in the coming months is a program designed to help bring in income for the struggling families we support. We hope to purchase supplies needed to make soap and shampoo to supply to the whole island, all made and sold by the TIPs family. 30 Ltrs will cost 860 Kenyan shillings and 10 litres of shampoo will cost 435. Please pray for us as we try this new strategy.

Action Plan 2012

Here is a list of our goals for 2012, in addition to finishing our building in October of this year. There are some other ideas which will be discussed later.

•Latrines will be required in the new compound (two of each with two doors)
•Course books for class seven
•Teachers guides for classes one to seven
•Revision books for classes five to seven
•Supplementary reader books for class three to seven
•Oxford English Dictionary; four Copies
•Kamusi Kiswahili; four Copies
•The Holy Bible; eight copies (English and Kiswahili)
•Wall maps and globe
•Rims of paper
•Desk – fifteen pieces
•Tables – two office – one staff room table
•Chairs – two (one for the manager and one for the principle)
•Laptop Computer
•Focus on trained teachers (six per year)
•Proposed hostels
•UPPER COMPOUND: two gates, two watchmen for day and night guard (6,000 ksh)
•Piping and electricity instillation
•Prize giving day. For the end of the last term of 2012, we can organize the giving of awards to teachers and students (around 5,000 ksh)
•An official business mailbox in Mfangano, in order to receive letters.
•Supplying the necessary materials and educating the widow population in order to begin the soap making endeavor.

New pics

Hi supporters and friends! This past week, James Orwa went to Mfangano to check on the progress of our new building. He took some amazing photos of his visit. Unfortunately, there is a problem transferring the photos to a computer because of virus which wrecked most of our files. We are working to try to fix the problem. At this point, it is not known if we can retrieve the files. Hopefully, within the next couple days, the photos will be up. Many of the photos are of individual students who need specific support and prayers. Some are also of the second building which has recently been completed. If the photos cannot be posted, we will be sure to post a text article detailing those students’ needs within the week.